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Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a long time since my last post, I’ve been really busy with my school exams etc. You guys have absolutely annihilated the comments on my first post! It was actually so crazy that WordPress had to overrule my decision and close the comments section. Thank You.

The title was not a click bait! The original name of my post doesn’t do justice for the content it caters. In order for me to show that content, I have to find new ways of doing so. And I think that if people actually knew what was inside, then exaggerated titles would’t be needed.

Nevertheless, I have created a new youtube channel! Yes. It is so exciting! I hope you guys would just spare 1 minute in your unrestricted, unimpaired, undamaged, unmarred and unreserved  life to visit my channel link (below). I am not going to say “It would mean the whole world to me!” because, I actually cannot put it in words. I am getting my camera soon, which I had to wait for bats in the belfry long time, so it must be worth it! PLEASE CHECK MY CHANNEL!:



100 Free Designs Giveaway!

Hi guys, I am giving you  guys 100 totally free designs giveaway!! Whether it is Outro’s, Logo’s, Banner’s, just ask and your in. No terms and conditions so don’t worry about a penny!


1. Fill up the ‘Contact’ form on my website. You can also contact me through Facebook or Twitter.

2. Please state your contact platform where I shall keep you up to date with our project.

3. Your design will reach to you preferably 3-4 days depending on my mood

Remember to Spread the word #ihudesignsgiveaway

1oo Free Designs Giveaway



Hi and welcome to my site! My name is Huzefa, I am a designer around YouTube and other sites. I design for people on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter, etc. I design Outro’s, Thumbnails, Banners, Logos, Websites, including none of the mentioned, but rather one of your own (you will need to provide me with the measures). So, if you are interested to have a design of any kind, just leave me a message below, tweet to me or message me on Facebook. You can even leave me a message at huzefa.mahmood@gmail.com

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